Student Teacher Workshop

rocketSpecial Student Teacher Workshoprocket

This year’s special student teacher workshop is embedded in the COACH sessions at the CLTA Jamboree. These sessions are especially designed to help new and student teachers design more effective and engaging lessons for language acquisition. We look forward to seeing all of our friends still studying in a university credential program at the Jamboree!

CLTA Jamboree

Saturday, October 1

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Look for these COACH sessions:

  • Blasting Through the Basics: Lesson Planning for New Teachers (double session)

  • COACH CI Strand #1:  Student of the Day- Engage Your Students Using Their Favorite Subject:  Themselves! 

  • COACH CI Strand #2: Chat Time for Student Engagement and 90% Target Language

  • COACH CI Strand #3: Story asking -Staying in the target language and engaging students by adapting stories from your textbook. 

  • Using Classroom Routines to Reach 90%

  • Meaningful Fun: Using Games to Increase Input

  • Critical Thinking


 REDUCED Registration Price Includes Membership to CLTA/FLAOC