Summer China Travel and Teaching Program

The Summer China Travel and Teaching Program is an educational program that promotes US-China cultural exchange and EFL education in China.  I had this unique experience to tour in China in exchange for providing 12 days of English instruction for Chinese students in 2008 in Tongxiang, and again in 2011 in Nanjing. I taught English to 6th graders in k-12 private language schools and was provided with hotel housing and meals as well as free tours to different cities in China such as Xian, Beijing, and Shanghai. There were 35 other American teachers from all over the United States who taught, and traveled together with the aid of several amazing tour guides who would help us learn the language and customs of their country.

Everyday I experienced a new cultural experience in China. I learned so much about the Chinese people, their customs and their centuries old history. I will never forget the students that I taught and their eagerness and joy for learning the English language and our American customs that are so different than theirs. I brought home a lifetime experiences and memories to share with my families, friends, and colleagues.  It is such a worthwhile program that I am considering traveling to China again next year with Sally Lowe, the director of program here in the US, and her father, Mr. Mao who runs the program in China. I would highly recommend this program to outgoing, adventuresome language teachers who have a passion for teaching language.

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Contributed by team member Gayle Trager